Things I Miss from My Previous Job

Six months after I resigned from PAGCOR, allow me to walk down the memory lane and cherish my Top 10 reasons why I should miss my previous job.  Not that I don’t/ didn’t miss it, but I was awed by the smooth transition that I went through from one job to the next.  I didn’t experience separation anxiety at all- no wrong turn on the road leading to Manila instead of Makati, no wrong greetings on the phone, no wrong office phone number when I give it out.  I was surprised at myself! 

Thinking about it, I’ve been with PAGCOR for almost 8 years yet there was uh, nothing.  Again, this is not to say that I did not love or enjoy my previous job.  I did.  At times.

So here it is, the Top 10 list that my former colleagues may hopefully find instructive when they find themselves on the crossroads.

10.  Alleah’s

Alleah’s is the corporate office’s longest serving concessionaire owned by husband and wife team Al and Leah.  They serve your everyday lutong bahay (home cooked) meals, not anything fancy except on some very special occasions.  I can say that Alleah’s nourished my body for some four years, from liemposilog merienda to sizzling sisig lunch.  Lea would sometimes cook up something special for me during one of those hungry days.  Plus I always get a birthday special and a Christmas goodie.  Although Alleah’s meals can sometimes become boring and tasteless (oops, sorry Lea), I still miss my cafeteria dining experience, not to mention the IOU arangement that oftentimes reaches 2 full pages of unpaid meals.

9.  Eye-Ris 

One thing I may not be able to live without is a nice and friendly optometrist and an accessible optical shop that sells inexpensive eye necessities.  Since I am half-blind without my eyeglasses or contact lenses, Eye-Ris Optical Shop is a convenient friend that I go to everytime I feel uncomfortable, or when I am in need of that tender loving optical care.  Located right behind PAGCOR corporate office in Padre Faura, Eye-Ris is ably run by its lady proprietess, Dr. Erlyn Go who have been very kind to me for some 7 years.  Unlike optical shops in malls, Eye-Ris offers personalized service, call-in and delivery service, and most especially, pay you later arrangement (only for selected customers though).

8.  Solidaridad

A bookshop owned by National Artist F. Sionil Jose in Padre Faura, Manila, (La) Solidaridad had been my favorite hangout after lunch.  I will take a short walk to the bookstore and just stay there browsing every book, smelling the scent of old printed papers, searching for a good rare find, wishing I have this, and I have that.  The place makes me alive, reminiscent of my days in UP where I stay at the NCPAG library during my breaks, not necessarily reading anything.

7.  Manila Bay Sunset

Certainly, a thing to behold.  I miss watching the sunset from a place called Jurassic Park.  It is that pocket garden line that separates Roxas Boulevard from the Service Road.  Manila Bay sunset is magnificent.  It calms down a stressful day.  It promises a new morning.  And of course, it signals the end of a workshift (and probably announces that beer time is near).  Sunsets are best consumed with cigarettes and fishballs perhaps.

6.  Doc

Doc is our Jack of all trades.  He prepares my coffee in the morning and another cup in the afternoon.  Not that I feel entitled to a coffee on my desk each time I arrive at the office.  I wouldn’t mind preparing my own cup.  But I believe that Doc does this not out of obligation but of affection.  Doc would slighly scold me if he catches me making my own coffee.  That I guess is a job’s most rewarding experience, when people you are working with genuinely cares for your being.   Thanks Doc for every cup of coffee made perfectly for me.

5.  Free Parking

Self explanatory. 

4.  ADO, CDO and Travel Time

Accumulated Day Off in PAGCOR parlance.  ADO, or its little brother, CDO for Change Day Off is a luxury nowadays.  We don’t have ADO but we have DIL for Days in Lieu.  Same concept of swapping your day off for work and work day for a day off.  But it is kind of more difficult to file a DIL.  Oh well, it is just the workaholic in me.  Another thing that I really miss is Travel Time.  We don’t have Travel time because everybody seems to be Flying In Flying Out (FIFO) regularly.  Gensan and Manila is just a short ride, it is a normal occurence, part of the job.  Who needs travel time?  (I do!)

3.  Emerald, Manukan and Razon’s Halohalo

Working in Manila area is a bliss for foodies on a budget.  I long to take my lunch in Emerald’s Garden and savor once again its sweet and succulent patatim, the delicious yang chow fried rice, its mouth watering salt and pepper ribs, the jumbo siopao and a lot more.  I miss the nights out with the boys in Manukan for their best tasting chicken ass barbeque and ice cold beer.  Of course, as summer heat reaches all-time high at 38 degrees, I long for Razon’s halohalo.  These things I terribly miss.

2.  Trainings R Us

I miss the activities inherent to a training function- from conceptualization, to preparation, to designing training aides and paraphernalia, to T-Day and beyond.  There have been too much brainstroming that would sometimes rival the fury of typhoon Ondoy.  There have too much creativity too, I must say, from the people I’ve worked with.  Designing a training program is an art; it makes you paint a picture of what you want to happen.  Conducting a training is another art, like sculpting, molding people’s mind and hopefully it touches their souls.  Lately, I’ve been enjoying my part on the other side of a training room, as an eager participant if not a difficult one, and as an observer, comparing what we have done before and wishing we could have done some more.

I also treasure the wacky days I had with the assortment of characters from our BTC.  I have so much respect for these people, whom I’d learn to admire for their unique sensibilities, heroic loyalty and a great sense of duty.  I’ll be missing much our semi-annual conferences, and that of the Protocol Committee, too.

1.  The TDU Team

Ah, if I were given a chance to work again with these people, I wouldn’t think twice. (I sounded like a blockbuster film director there).  Anyway, working has never been fun and fulfilling with these people around.  There may be bad feelings once in a while, but that is quite natural.  In the end, what really matters is how we delivered as a team.  I value both process and results.  But what I treasure most is everyone’s input in the production process.  Thankfully, I must say that these people are not short in inputs, they have enjoyed the process and ultimately, we have had outstanding results not only as peers in the workplace, but most importantly, as friends that will bind us for life.