Breathless in Boracay

Suffice it to say that I was breathless in Boracay last week, quite literally, and it was caused by our endless strolling of the soft, white and powdery beaches, the drinking sessions cum partying that ends in the wee hours of the morning, and the blinding sight seeing of eye candies all day all night strutting from all over the place in their all-so-revealing skimpy bikinis.


Boracay proved to be worthy of Yahoo! Travel’s 2009 Most Popular Beach Destinations in the world, the only Asian beach that made it to the discriminating top 10 list.  I was in Bali in 2007 but I was diappointed at what I’ve seen.  Except for the wild parties on a strip away from the beach, Hard Rock Cafe, outlet stores on every street corner and the mysticism that surrounds that Indonesian island, Bali (the beach) feels more like Ermita, Manila transported to a shoreline.      


I was glad that Boracay surprised me with its unique charm and vibrance, making it a perfect place for families on vacation, couples in honeymoon, singles on a soulmate search and regular barkadas that opted for an extraordinary gimik.  Boracay, unlike Bali is teeming with both locals and foreigners.  You’ll never feel alienated in Bora the way I felt so brown amidst the ghostly white caucasians in Bali.

This time I’ll make the pictures do most of the talking so I’ll stop right here with my final thoughts:  I’m coming back to Boracay, meantime let me catch my breath.





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