Sa Globe, Im-po-sib-le!

I used to admire Globe Telecom, particularly the efficiency of its customer service representatives at their 211 hotline.  Not anymore.

I am a Globe subscriber since my first handyphone back in 1998 (prepaid) and 2002 (postpaid).  There were times in the past that I thought of switching to Smart, its foremost competitor but there was no real and compelling reason to really make the move.  So I stayed with Globe kasi nga sa Globe, po-sib-le (everything is possible), or so they claim.

My 2-year subscription lock out period with Globe will expire in July 2009.  As with other network providers, customers are offered with attractive incentives so that they will renew their contracts with Globe for the next two years.  Not a bad marketing ploy, considering that changing a network provider would also mean changing your mobile number and losing your contacts in the process.  The incentives, which range from a brand new top of the line handset to a rebate of so much amount depending on your post paid plan and maybe, just a personal hunch, one’s level of consumption. 

To cut a long story short, I did accept the offer of a new handset.  I was told some two weeks ago that the handset will be delivered on the 27th of April 2009, at a Globe Business Center of my choice.  The customer service rep was courteous enough to warn me to confirm first with their 211 hotline before proceeding to the business center.  That was a fair warning, I wouldn’t want to waste my time dropping at the mall for nothing.

Today, I called 211 to inquire if my phone unit was indeed delivered as promised.  The customer service rep told me that their computer system says otherwise.  So what should I do, I asked her.  She told me to call again to confirm.  I said it should be the other way around, I already called as instructed and you don’t have a definite answer for me.  You should call me once you get the confirmation.  She agreed, and told me that she will email the service center at once.  What was that again, I was curious.  Send an e-mail?  Why don’t you call them up? I’m sorry sir, she replied, we dont have their contact number and the protocol is for us to send all communications by e-mail.  Anyway, sir, if your unit was indeed delivered today, she added as if to assure me, the business center will call you up.  I got furious.

I got mad because I have already waited too long for the delivery.  Two weeks was a very long lead time.  I expect nothing short of fulfilling a service promise, whatever it takes, and do more than say sorry to recover from a service failure.  It was not me who set that expectation.  It was them.  It was Globe.  Possible, di ba?

It was impossible if that was true, that all communications should be sent via e-mail.  Impossible and inefficient and impractical.  Globe must have forgotten that their core product is mobile communications, and if they have not discovered it yet, mobile communication allows users to get in touch with each other on real time permitting instant feedback at the speed of light…or something close to that.   

Lastly, I was not at all satisfied with the way my call was handled.  I asked for the phone number of the business center in Parañaque, she don’t have it was the reply.  I asked the lady if I can talk to the supervisor.  She said yes, and put me on hold—for 5 minutes!  When the line was back, there was no supervisor, and no explanation as to where the supervisor is.  It was the same girl, apologetic but visibly (aurally?) irritated at my assiduousness. 

Sir, we did what you told us to do and what we should have done in the first place.  I looked up for the phone number of the business center, found it, dialled their number and inquired.  And guessed what we found out—your unit was already there ready for pick up.

Of course she didn’t say those things.  That was how I imagined her to say those few precious lines.  But she did not. 

My phone was there, at the business center and a single call made it possible to confirm its whereabouts.  Curious: what happened to your computer system?  Thought it would prompt you once it is delivered.  And…nobody from the business center called me up.  So I guess, if I followed the service rep’s advise and waited forevermore for that call to come, nothing would have happened.

Or am I speaking too soon?  The worst may yet to come…at the business center later tonight. 

Heaven forbid.