A Social Experiment

In the runup to entering Stage 1 of the Life Entreprenuership Program of the Create Abundance Business Community, I was given a task so extraordinary that the responses I got from my friends were predicably, also extraordinary.

social experiment

Such was the essence of the social experiment:  to get unexpected result from an unexpected action.

The result was varied yet affirming.  Many of those I texted replied with positive responses.  A number of them said yes unconditionally, without even probing for details.  Yet, there were those who are just plain curious but unwilling to help.  They started calling me asking for the big questions– What happened?  Why do you need it?  How come you only need such a small amount?  Can’t you afford it?  As I explain to them, they would withdraw from the conversation.  Ah, I can smell the cynics from several cellsites away.  Of course, there were those who were apologetic for not having extra money to lend me.  Some felt sorry for me that I have resorted to a somewhat desperate act while a few kept their fingers away from their cellphones and chose to just ignore my message.     

That was quite understandble given the many financial fiascos we have had encountered in recent past, from the mega meltdown of the US financial sector to our very own Legacy mess.  Money matters are serious matters.  As an old adage goes, lend money only to people you don’t care about; else you might lose both money and friend.   I hope that was not the case for those friends of mine who lent me their money.

That was the action, and it was very uncharacteristic of me to send a message to all of my friends asking them to lend me three thousand pesos so I can start a business.

The goal of the social experiment was twofold:  for me to come to terms with my money concepts and for others to be tested on their own money concepts.  The subliminal objective was to test how many people trusts me.  The big goal is to really get hold of the money that was promised me.

It took me enough courage and a dose of adventurous spirit to send those messages.  At first though, I was apprehensive:  what will they say about me? Is this ethical?  Would these people change their perception of me?  I later realized that these are the same questions that boxed me in to where I am  right now.  I need to take a risk, like a true entreprenuer should.  I need to get out of the box. 

The box no longer exists.


One Day Multi-Millionaire


the board gameShayne, Lou, Art, Gemma, Armi and I gathered at our assigned table.  Hero (first time banker) and Rhyan were already there to moderate the game.  A round of introductions and usual reading of the house rules followed.  It was our second time time to play Cashflow 101 and we have had two missions:  get out of the rat race (move to the  fast track lane) and bankrupt the banker.


All players shared the same lot.  We are all doctors earning a salary of $13,200.  We do not have other source of income while each of us have a savings amounting only to $400.

Expenses amount to $9,650 covering the following items:  taxes ($3,420), home mortgage ($1,900), school loan payment ($750), car payment ($380), credit card payment ($270), retail payment ($50), other expenses ($2,880).

That gives each player a monthly cash flow of $3,550, an amount also equivalent to money we will receive from the bank each time we land on “Paycheck”.

 Back to the mission:  For any of us to get out of the rat race, one must generate a passive income that exceeds his/her monthly expenses.  Passive income, which can be derived from earnings from interest, dividends, real estate and businesses must be more than $ 9,650.


The game went on smoothly.  I already had two doodads, a fishing rod ($100) and a bowling bowl ($80) and several times I received my paycheck but not enough to buy me stocks and properties.  I loaned money from the bank twice:  to buy 2,000 shares of ON2U stocks from Armi (par value $5) and to buy a 2 BR/2BA condominium unit worth $10,000. 

Before the end of the first hour in the game, I got downsized.  That means I have to pay all my expenses plus I have to miss two rounds.  I have never imagined it to be too devastating.


I was back in the game.  I rolled the die and voila:  it’s a baby!  Per child expense is $640 added to my monthly expenses.  A few rounds after I got myself another baby while my cashflow is down to only $910.

Fortunately my misery ended there.   After a while, lady luck was smiling at me:  market went boom increasing the value of ON2U stock to $40 par.  I sold my shares to the bank and shopped for real properties and more stocks:  MYT4U, OK4U, ON2U. 


At our third hour in the game, only Armi (?) was out in the fast track.  I  already had $11.25 million in cash but still imprisoned in the rat race.  I kept on buying properties to increase my passive income and therefore, my cashflow.  The banker ran out of cash before the fourth hour.  That’s one mission accomplished.  Another one to go.

12:09  The Fast Track 

With so many cash in my hands, I paid off all my debts amounting to some $400,000.  My expenses were down to not more than $5,000.  I finally made it out of the rat race with a total income amounting to $21,900, $8,700 of which came from my passive income. 

In the fast track, we have a new mission:  to land on our dream and that was ski alps adventure for me.  Life in the fast track was easy and very comfortable.  Too many vacations you can take, too many businesses you can buy.  The best thing is:  no more paycheck.  Money comes often and frequent.  Ah, the good life!

At 12:18pm, I was four spaces away from my dream spot.  I let the die shake up in my palm, rolled it gently to the board, while from a soft murmur to a loud shout, I repeatedly said, “give me a four!”

And four it was!  I landed on my dream.

Playing Cashflow 101 gives me an adrenaline rush.  It also forces me to think and strategize.  It also fosters friendship among players.  Best of all, I  learned to take risk, raise money, make wise decisions, beat the odds, trust my instincts, be aware of my environment, negotiate, and most importantly, enjoy my moment with my money.