Sa ‘Min

Sa Amin.

That was the first title that I thought would be best for this blog.  I planned of writing about everything Mindanao – its peoples, places, events, issues and what-nots.  It should have been a blog written by a Mindanaoan for the non-Mindanaoans from outside Mindanao.  It is a chronicle of what life is (or could be) in Mindanao: describing our thoughts, motivations, dreams, hardships, and challenges; celebrating our triumphs; elevating our greatest desires; fighting for our purpose; communicating our sentiments.  Sa Amin.  Sa Mindanao. 

Yet, it would be a ludicrous attempt to reduce all of Mindanao into a single authoritative opinion formed by someone who has been away from where the action is.  It would be pretentious of me.

I was born in Mati, Davao Oriental.  A year later my family moved to Cotabato City.  I went to Agape Kindergarten School where I was a reluctant student.  For six years, I spent my formative age in the city’s central pilot school.  In high school, I went to Notre Dame of Cotabato Boys’ Department, a catholic school run by the Marist Brothers.    

The rest of my adult life I spent in Manila, as a college student of the University of the Philippines in Diliman, then later as a member of the Philippine labor force-  first as Executive Director of a non-profit organization and later on (until now) as a corporate slave.  While slaving over non-essential corporate matters, I took further studies in business administration at the De La Salle University Graduate School of Business.  That was 13 long years away from home. 

Letters to Mindanao will serve as my link to the land of my birth.  This is my way of re-connecting with my past while hoping to meet old friends and get to know new ones.  I also wish to take an active part in building Mindanao- literally and figuratively because deep in my heart, I know that someday soon, I will be back…for good. 

Today I welcome myself to the blogosphere with my Letters to Mindanao.