The Change We Need

The type of change that we’ve seen in #DaangMatuwid:
accelerated economic growth where there are more jobs, more investors, more value for money; where economic and political freedoms are high; people in the margins are empowered. That’s the kind of trajectory or progression we all envisioned for #DaangMarangal.
Change is here, and we want to continue the momentum.

What Grace Poe has laid down during the campaign is just an incremental change. A movement in the curve predicated in the successes of Daang Matuwid. For lack of better word, it is a cosmetic kind of change. 

Duterte however promised the people that #ChangeIsComing. But as we all have witnessed, the change he wanted to bring is REGRESSION – in terms of political rights and freedoms, in terms of basic courtesy and decency, in terms of the quality of discourse he had put on the table during the campaign, in terms of our victories as a young democratic republic.

Not surprisingly, the market response is jittery- we might be going south again – back to the turbulent 80s or the lost decade with Erap and GMA. From the Bright Spot in Asia today down to being Sick Man of Asia again! 

The never-ending story of permanent anti-development that is the Philippines.

If you truly want change, which direction do you want to go? 


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