The Mad Mad World of the Binays

The Society of Honor: the Philippines

binay inquirer [Photo Source: Inquirer] From time to time in a blog, I elaborate. Embellish. Is elaboration fact? No, it is elaboration, similar to the way an editorial cartoonist draws caricatures to make a point. So in today’s article, I align some words to embellish . . . and make a point or two.

No harm intended. No foul.

Trust me.

Every once in a while, we have rolling through our lives people who are larger than the rest of us, commanding a presence on a world stage that is front page, top line, full house. Some of these people are artists like Michelangelo and Bach, some are sports figures like Michael Jordan and Manny Pacquiao, some are scientists like Galileo and Einstein, some are performers like Elvis Presly and Celine Dion, some are warriors like Sargent York and the Magsaysay brothers of Zambales, and some are leaders like Winston Churchill and Adolph Hitler…

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