P is for Post-A-Week

Happy New Year, everyone!

It is the time of the year once again when people start listing down their resolutions for the new year.  I see this as a worthwhile exercise for self- improvement.  Reflecting on the year that was and looking forward, hopefully in high spirits, to make better / be better this new year is a good way to set a direction for one’s self.

So here is my very own alphabet soup of resolutions – more of wishes actually, of what could or should I do or go or buy in 2011.  Some may come cryptic to you so to make it a more interesting read, I’ve linked them up to the very thing that I am referring to. 

A – Abs

B – Bantayan Island

C – CamSur

D – Domain subscription for my blog

E-  Earn from Blogging

F- Fix payables

G – Gumasa, Sarangani 

H – House improvements:  Al fresco dining area

I –  iPhone 4 or iPad

J – Join Causes and Orgs

K – Kalinawan, Samal Island 

L – Love:  To make love more often, to fall in love more frequently. Haha!

M – Mountain Bike

N – New shoes

O – Obey traffic lights

P – Post a Week

Q – Quit smoking?

R – Run

S – Skinhead.  One or Two inches actually. 

T – Train, Teach or Study (I wanna go back to school)

U – Uric Acid Down

V – Vientiane

W – Wordcamp 2011

X – Xcellerator

Y – Yoga

Z – Zzzzzs early, except on weekends.  Yey!

What do you think of my list?  Which ones are easy to achieve and which ones are downright impossible? 

Share your list, too!


4 comments on “P is for Post-A-Week

  1. Hotkeno says:

    the “A” will work out because you have the “R”. Good!

    but then, HINDI RIN! wahahaha.

  2. Wieng Jang says:

    The Z is the most promising. Tulugan mo na muna pagkatapos mong mag Yoga then get Xcelirated for the Wordcamp2011 tapos you finalize your plans here in Vientiane. See you!

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