Cheers to my last tagay!

I’ve been to hell and I am just glad to be back. 

I was sick the whole long weekend and that was by far, the most painful, excruciating, head-splitting, body numbing, punishing experience I had in my entire life.   My doc said I might have caught the terrible hand-foot and mouth virus.  When I learned that this same virus contaminated the Kris Aquino household some few months back, I thought something really very bad is forthcoming.

I suffered for six sorry days.  I was asleep most of the time and fully covered – socks, jogging pants, sweat shirt, and a bonnet to keep me warm.  As it was hard to eat solid food, I had lugaw and instant noodles three times a day- for six days.  My throat was really sore and swollen that I have to gargle with Bactidol every waking hour just to ease the discomfort.

For that long sick six days, I turned literally clean – with antiseptic, analgesic, and clarithromycin to replace the usual happy toxins that I allow to enter my body.   The medicines (which are by the way are toxic chemical compounds themselves) invaded my defenseless body system that on the fourth day, my body smelled like a pharmacy already.  I was afraid I would turn into a germ-free freak with all the cleaning up going on.   But if all these drugs were too good, it would have been the highest moment in my life.  *wink*

Now that I am clinically clean and (hopefully) well, there is only one thing that I am resolved not to do again:  tigil na ang tagay!

 I have realized that practicing good personal hygiene should always be a priority.  We would never know what can get into us, or what we may contaminate other people with.  Next time I’m out drinking, I will bring my own glass. 

Please– no more passing the shot glass.  Let us practice safe shots.

For those not in the know, tagay is a typical and literal Pinoy practice of sharing a drink – one glass passed around to everybody in the group until all puke, saliva and whatever was or is in the mouth of your beer buddies is passed on to the next drinker.  You should not try it at home- or anywhere else.  (Was it me or did I just turned OC?)


7 comments on “Cheers to my last tagay!

  1. awww… sorry to hear that kuya notty… Yan kasi iinom pa… ooops, did you check sino yung katagay mo? kanino galing ang bacteria?

    Anyway, I am glad to hear that you’re ok. Ingat! I hope to see you next year? 🙂

  2. cat_princess says:

    sorry to hear u were that sick. 😦
    ingat lage not!

  3. Hotkeno says:

    Santo may tao rin…lol.

    OC-OC ka na

    But I firmly believe this won’t stop you from drinking. Alcohol’s your blood. heheh.

  4. Gay says:

    You know that Cebuano song “Di na gyud ko mousab, ikaisa na lang?” hehehe

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