Farewell, Manila

Moving to another company does not only mean changing your boss and officemates. It also means opening up to a new corporate culture, assimilating the ways of work of the people you now work with and to some extent, sending to the recycle bin the long and tested but rotten ways of your old employment.

There is also another dimension of moving, and that is the geographical. I have become habituated to the predictable traffic along the west-end of Sucat Road, the mindless P7.00 toll fee to access the Coastal Road and the relaxing drive along Macapagal and Roxas Boulevards. I was driving this route for the last seven years that the sights and sounds in these places have become part and parcel of my morning and evening activities.

At home with the stink of ManilaMH del Pilar Street is their home...literally

Another habit that I have formed is that of walking some few blocks to our office building from the parking area, and vice versa at night. Walking has become both a therapy and an indignant reminder to the spirit: thankful for the things that I have and sorry for the state of affairs that my country is into. One could have these pitiful realizations as you walk past the slums of Manila, as you cross over homeless and shirtless people from the very young to the very old, as you spot long lines of domestic helper wannabes along the streets of Ermita, or as you come face to face with girls in skimpy outfits as they head home from a long night of entertainment work. The short walk is an exercise of will – not to me but to the people that I see everyday. Not seeing a familiar face in a familiar spot could mean someone has bit the dust.

Open 24 HoursStreet kid in ErmitaSide Street of Ermita

I have realized that walking past the streets of Manila everyday is not at all a healthy activity. It has desensitize me to my awful realities. I forgot to ask why are these people suffering and why are they poor.


11 comments on “Farewell, Manila

  1. Gerald Garcia says:

    Sometimes we overlook things only to think back the moment we miss them. We were so accustomed to our daily routines that we didn’t realized the reason of their existence. But the good thing here is that, you still find a litle time to look back on this moment which you embrace for at least 7 years. But of all places, you decided to click your camera in front of L.A.Cafe. You indeed, tickle my imagination!

  2. ajay says:

    Hi Notty. wala na akong carpool, huhu.
    Three things:
    1. 8.00 na toll fee sa Kabihasnan.
    2.The LA Cafe picture seems empty without the girls, LOL
    3. Roxas Blvd is far from relaxing because it’s always traffic-clogged.

    Ang daya mo, wala man lang despedida. Wish you luck in your new career path, dude

  3. Hotkeno says:

    “…Sending to the recycle bin the long and tested but rotten ways of your old employment.”

    Anu-ano ang mga yaon? 🙂

  4. Monique says:

    Haven’t been blog hopping or blogging even the past month. 🙂 Congratulations on your move!

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