Dumbing Down

Okay, I admit that when I am bored but not feeling sleepy, I read anything there is:  street and jeepney signs, notices in the bulletin board, old newspapers and clippings, drug literature insets, and all other fine prints, especially when I am not mobile, and especially when I am stuck in a 2-hour plane ride.

Such was the case when, to my dismay, I discovered that our Customs Disembarkation Card, a Philippine Government Official document for incoming passengers to Manila is full of fatal errors- in spelling, grammar and sad to include, in style.

Here is Exhibit A:  Mershandise


Exhibit B:  The sentence just does not make any sense at all.

no sense   

Exhibit 3:  Reasons not Reason’s



What is more disturbing and revolting at the same time is that no one seems to have raised these errors to the authorities.  Notice that this document has been in circulation since year 1996!  That or our government never pays attention or it does not care at all.  Anyway, it is just a piece of paper that no one reads seriously.  Sorry, but I do. 


More importantly, this is an OFFICIAL government form, and it should be given the attention it deserves.  An incoming passenger may be deported or fined or both for not taking diligence in filling out this form.

Should the lackadaisical people from our Bureau of Customs be also made accountable for these officially-sanctioned errors that dumbs down our nation? 


Lastly, it is tasteless and irresponsible to promote alcoholic drinks, or any form of commercial advertising for that matter, together with our official forms.  It not only diminishes the importance of said document but also sends a message that customs declaration is just a joke.   Intoxicating!


3 comments on “Dumbing Down

  1. grich says:

    Whoa. That is just so embarassing. I hope you can forward to a govt authority who might be able and/or authorized to make the corrections…ASAP!

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