Idea Camp Davao

Amidst the cynism and intellectual laziness that seemingly dominate  our generation today,  there are a few things that, thankfully, can still give us space for a refreshing mental masturbation, allowing us to explore the unimagined and create solutions to problems not yet known by ordinary mortals.  One of these few things is the Idea Camp Davao:  the unconference for people who want to make a differenceposter-20090811I am in no way connected to, or friends with the people who are behind this revolutionary initiative.  At least not yet.  But I am an avid observer and a silent supporter, ever since I’ve learned of their first Idea Camp few months ago.  

If I were based in Davao, this event would surely be a never-to-be-missed day on my calendar.  For those who are in Davao City, or nearby provinces, why not pitch a tent to this camp of ideas?  It could be the right orgasmic experience for you- intellectually speaking.


2 comments on “Idea Camp Davao

  1. Mark says:

    Thanks for the mention! We now have a total of 16 speakers for September 12 which should make for a very interesting day. 🙂

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