National Book Store Turns Local

The newly-renovated National Book Store outlet in Robinson’s Mall Ermita is sporting a different look, and I must say that it is both politically correct and aethetically sound, never mind that the floor layout is still crampy and confusing like a maze.

What made the NBS interior design great is the motif they chose for their store:  the Islamic arts of our brothers in Maguindanao, Tawi Tawi and Lanao in Mindanao.

In our multi-ethnic society, we only find great pieces of indigenous artistry inside museums and during trade fairs or cultural activities in school .  But a deliberate attempt to infuse these designs and artistic genius to our everyday modern living is not a matter of course. 

NBS’s public display of this great design allows the mainstreaming of the real Filipino art, more specifically, the art forms from Muslim Mindanao.  Hopefully, such act would lead to greater understanding, acceptance and celebration of our diverse cultural traditions.  In this way, our culture becomes alive and relevant, and ends to be just another artifact from ages ago.  Understanding leads to tolerance, tolerance to peace.

Kudos to the National Bookstore!  Give us more of the same.

Note:  pictures to follow (NBS might not allow me to take photos)


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