Hitting the Glass Ceiling

A glass ceiling is an invisible boundary for career advancement.  Once you’ve hit it, you can never get any higher.  It is called glass ceiling because it is transparent; you can see the top but you can never reach it.  Some may have successfully shaterred his or her own glass ceiling but it took time, centuries maybe.


The right of suffrage was a glass ceiling for women before.  They were not allowed to vote until the glass ceiling was broken in the early 20th century.

African- Americans were also not given the right to vote but that glass ceiling was broken through after a long and arduous battle.  Today, we have a black American occupying the presidency, considered before as a glass ceiling to many black politicians.  If Hillary Clnton was elected president instead of Barack Obama, the glass ceiling for lady executives could have been completely eliminated.

I may have hit my very own career glass ceiling.  For seven years, I have seen no movement in my career.  If I am not moving, then I don’t even have a career to speak of in the first place.  I feel stuck already and I hate how it feels.  A prisoner would have felt better knowing that his sentence is finite.  As for me, I cannot cross out the dates on the calendar counting down my eventual release.

I need to re-invent myself or to plan a jailbreak.  If the glass can’t be broken, getting out could just be a better option. 


Else, I’ll die old and grumpy like the others who have come and gone before me.


12 comments on “Hitting the Glass Ceiling

  1. Hotkeno says:

    Seven years is indeed long enough for a person like you being kept like that. Re-invent ka na lang. Hello! Walang papalit sa ‘yo.

    Biggest number one fan talaga! Hahahaha.

    • notty279 says:

      thanks for the vote of confidence. hehe. gagawa na ako ng fansite sa facebook. ikaw dapat number fan ko dun. hehe

  2. normita says:

    move to another company and get a higher position (if naa pa bay higher sa imo karon)they say 2-3 years max in 1 company is good. after that you have used your max potential.all the best.kaya mo yan, ikaw pa. try US or Singapore perhaps.

  3. Monique says:

    woot! 7 years? sabagay ako naka 5 years. kaya i felt i had to move. maybe pahinogmuna dito sa mid east then go back home. 🙂 I miss home though.

  4. […] Jump to Comments I have recently read Notty’s blog about the so-called ”Glass Ceiling” of his career. And a lot of us in our department, myself include, feels the same sentiments. […]

  5. Siegrid Ree says:

    Let me know how the jailbreak goes!

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