Con-Ass and other Pain in the Ass Stories

Photo from BusinessWorld Online

Photo from BusinessWorld Online

Senator Mar Roxas calls the latest horror episode in the House of Representatives Con-Asswang, like a cadaver risen from the dead that will suck dry the Filipino people.  To ward off this evil, he distributed garlic garlands to his fellow senators and to Anti-Con-Ass congressmen in the lower house.  Expect the price of garlic to surge in the coming days as more people would be joining in the exorcism of the devil.


This Con-Ass animal is so unpopular that when I clicked on the link to a Con-Ass story in Yahoo! News yesterday, I got this response from the webwasher:

The requested URL has been blocked by the Webwasher Real-Time Classifier. The page was classified as sexual, erotic or adult content (71% probability overall) which is not allowed by your administrator at this time.

See, Con-Ass is a filth!


Transparency International just released its 2009 Global Corruption Barometer Report that says the Philippines has the worst anti-corruption drive in Southeast Asia with 77% of those interviewed thought that the government’s response to curb corruption is not at all effective.  

Filipino public officials and civil servants were rated as the “most affected by corruption” (by 35 percent of survey respondents), followed by political parties (28 percent), the legislature (26 percent), the judiciary (7 percent), the business community (3 percent), and media (1 percent).  



To add more pain in the already sore and sorry state of our nation, Hongkong based Political and Economic Risk Consultancy also released yesterday its business survey on the effectiveness of the bureaucracy of 12 economies in Asia, where the Philippines our beloved, ranked 10th, almost in the asshole! 

Ranking by most efficient to least efficient economies:  Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, South Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Taiwan, Vietnam, China, Philippines, Indonesia and India.


Corrupt public officials and civil servants make an inefficient bureaucracy.  People no longer trust the employees in the civil service.  It is a pity for all the professionals working in the government, they have been casted out and always viewed with suspicion. 

My friends and acquaintances would always crack a joke about me and my work in a government corporation.  I could not do anything but cringe at them.  There is no way to convince them otherwise, that there are still some who do honest and beneficial work for the country.  The ill reputation of the whole bureacracy has already affected the entire system. 

How can we possibly reverse this?


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