Labor Day Friday


Thanks to the historic and continuing struggle of working people throughout the world, or of the labor union movement, corporate slaves like me are now entitled to an 8-hour work, 8-hour recreation and an 8-hour rest, among other things.

Labor Day is celebrated every first day of May all over the world to celebrate the economic and social achievements of workers. 

Most of us may not be aware of the long and arduous battle between the working class and the industrialist-capitalists, including governments that only serve the interests of the ruling elite.

Today, most workers enjoy sick leaves, vacation leaves, and all other  sorts of paid leaves.  Canteens and sometimes, day care centers are provided by employers.  Overtime pay, minimum wages, security of tenure, hazard pay, allowances, and other benefits that we enjoy (but taken for granted) today are some of the achievements of the labor movement.  (Imagine, those things were not ALLOWED in the pre-modern times).

Sadly, in the Philppines and in other poor and developing countries, human trafficking, child labor, unfair labor practices, gender biases, sexual harassment, repressive and un-democratic space for workers, low minimum wage, and other exploitative acts are still rampant.       

While we should all be thankful with what we’ve got so far, we should still continue to uphold, protect and promote the rights and welfare of all workers. 

Sa mga uring manggagawa, ano man ang trabaho mo:  saludo ako sa ‘yo!

Mabuhay ka!

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