The Blair-Witch Project

Mr Tony Blair of Great Britain was in the news last week, not much for his eloquent speeches on principled negotiation but singly for the annointment made by Malacañang, calling him the prince charming that could put to deep sleep the age-old conflict in Muslim Mindanao.

It seems like Mr Blair was showered with magical dust by the tooth fairy before his private jet landed in Manila. With his charm and perhaps, a magic wand or a powerful spell , he can just command members of the peace negotiating panels to be ultra-friendly with each other, group hug and sign whatever document is there.

Ah, no need for secret documents such as the ill-fated Memorandum of Agreement on Ancestral Domain (MOA-AD). The resident of the palace by the river looks at the Mindanao conflict as a scene from the 8th installment of the London-based Harry Potter series. And this time, Voldemort would reveal himself as the evil stepmother with a big mole on her face.

What I cannot fathom until now is why-oh-why was Mr Blair chosen by our so-called prestigious or progressive (but not both) universities to talk on, of all topics, principled leadership! Who’s next on their invitation list, Mr George W. Bush?

Thankfully, the witching hour ended the very next day, as Mr Blair said his joyful goodbye to his Filipino fans who have turned poorer by some $500 just by listening to his enchanting but recycled jokes.


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